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EA-Z Education Consultancy has a long history of providing the best career guidance and admissions to the premier most leading universities and colleges to India and Abroad and we exist with a proven track record and unconditional trust & credibility from our students or our associated institutions or our Invaluable partners.

Our consultancy is headed by some of the most experienced educationalists and consultants working for more than 12 years, we have been lending helping hands to the students of Bhutan after their completion of high school or graduation for further education and more. The main objective of our consultancy is to provide a new exposure and experience to education and career. So far we have been placing many students in different overseas countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and India. This being some of the choice of destination for the eager and enthusiast Bhutanese students to study, it will prepare them for a better future at some of the best universities and institutions.

WHy Choose Us

Oldest Education Consultancy

EA-Z Education Consultancy is one of the pioneers for abroad education counselling in Bhutan. 

Faster Timing and Response

Our services have faster results as we regularly inform the students with their application updates and maintain regular follow ups.

Superior Education Counselling

Our counselling is focused on planning the best career for you rather than just finding the right course & university.

High Visa Success Rate

We regularly update with the recent visa changes and provide updates to our students thus our knowledge of documentation is superior.

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